Two Wheeler Simulator

i-Tech Bike Driving Simulator that enables professional training on the actual bike before riding on roads. It is a traffic safety educational device, which provides users a safe environment in which to experience the risks inherent to real-world traffic situations.

The Motorcycle Simulator continuously provides training cues to ensure safe riding in potentially dangerous situations that have a high possibility of occurring in the real world.

We offer a broad range of riding scenarios and exercises designed to develop and hone riding skill in a number of different environments including busy city streets and 8 lane expressways with complex traffic interaction, residential, and winding rural two-lane roads. A multi-lane test track and two large riding ranges for practice rides and exercises are also included.

It also includes high-fidelity motorcycle dynamics modeling that allows the rider or instructor to configure the simulator to mimic the power and handling characteristics of a lightweight twin, a middleweight class or open class sport bike.


Motorcycle Chassis

☑ Original manufacturer sport chassis positions the rider in an authentic lay-over the tank stance, and includes the sport fairing, and sport tail section.


Motion Base

☑ Unique 2-axes motion platform enables accurate representation of the pitch and roll associated with riding a sport bike.


Foot Controls

☑ Foot controls include rear brake and gear shifter. control, driving on hills and maneuvering in city traffic.


System Platform

☑ Powerful computer components are utilized to process the simulation software, and game quality video cards are used to deliver the lifelike graphics for a realistic riding experience.


Handlebar Controls

☑ Fully integrated clutch, front brake, gas, turn signals, lights, horn, warning, starter, ON/OFF button, ignition key, direct steer and counter steer modes.


Instrument Panel

☑ Original manufacturer motorcycle gauges and indicator lights.

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