Car Simulator

i-Tech Drive series of car simulators are revolutionary products creating better drivers by efficiently developing their complex cognitive & perceptual skills in a risk free environment and thus improving their judgment and decision making process.

Our car simulator helps in making drivers trained in handling real to life road situations by imbibing in them traffic rules and safe driving practices, thus making the world a safer place to drive in.

☑ Three 20" LED Screens (For 135° View)
☑ Actual Car Seat, Car Gear, Pedals, Handbrake, Steering Wheel, Indicator Assembly (As in Actual Car)
☑ Fully functional Car Speedometer with actual car dashboard
☑ Extensive exercises for the Advance & Novice driver
☑ City, Highway, Terrain, Day, Night, Rain, Fog, Snow driving modes
☑ Modern plastic body for Front and along with Hood for the Rear Section

Key Features

☑ Handling emergency situations like obstacles avoidances.
☑ Reaction time measurement which provide drivers actual response time.
☑ Force feedback steering & Real vehicle parts.
☑ Option of automatic and manual gear with Adjustable seat.


Eco Driving Module

☑ Ecological Driving deeply reduces CO2 emissions.
☑ Reports of CO2 emissions, fuel consumptions and driver performance.
☑ Teaches optimal gear shift point, engine switch off in long pauses, optimal use of the gas and brake pedal, engine braking, etc


Novice & Experience Driver

☑ Driving module specially designed for novice drivers with focus on car basics, traffic rules and road signs.
☑ it also includes practice exercises for learning moving off and stopping, gear shifting, steering control, driving on hills and maneuvering in city traffic.


Virtual Environment

☑ Realistic “Virtual Environments” are created using 3D Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) to impart a fully immersive, life like training environment to train and assess drivers.
☑ Multiple channels of undistorted field of view with visuals scalable up to 360 degrees provide high degree of Visual Realism.


Assessment & Grading

☑ Detailed reporting & analysis mechanism to monitor and identify issues with driving techniques.
☑ Performance graphs for in depth analysis of a trainees performance.
☑ Extensive grading and evaluation to assess the drivers capability objectively.


Extensive Interface

☑ Flexible exercise editor to create and edit custom exercises.
☑ Exposure to rich variety of environmental situations such as rain, fog, snow and night that are usually not experienced in training.
☑ Injection of faults and obstacles to test reactions to emergency situations.

Benefits for Driving Schools

☑ Impart comprehensive training to large number of drivers in significantly less time.
☑ No risk of training on actual high cost vehicles and any accidental mishaps.
☑ Increase throughput of training setup by running multiple training sessions simultaneously.
☑ Train in handling heavy city traffic situations safely without the risk involved with traditional training.

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