Truck Simulator

i-Tech Drive Truck Simulator is a fully functional, pre-configured simulator that contains all necessary HW and SW modules, Visual System, Visual Database, a three-axis motion system and a fully functional Truck cab with instrumentation to provide a ‘real-life” Truck driving environment.

The simulator provides a fully immersive environment, comprising a Truck cabin with large visual front screens covering 180° field of view as the main hardware elements. This high level of reality performance is necessary for training drivers in high-risk situations and in situations that are impossible to train on in normal traffic.

Benefits for Driving Schools

☑ Impart comprehensive training to large number of drivers in significantly less time.
☑ No risk of training on actual high cost vehicles and any accidental mishaps.
☑ Increase throughput of training setup by running multiple training sessions simultaneously.
☑ Train in handling heavy city traffic situations safely without the risk involved with traditional training.

Driver Station

☑ The Driver Station comprises a full size truck Cabin, modified for the simulation purpose. All instruments signal lights are functionally in operation.


Motion System

☑ Standard motion rendering in the truck cabin obtained by tactile vibrator and three axes electric motion.


Scenario Design & Control

☑ The scenario building and monitoring tools are part of the software, which is not only effective for training purposes, but is also specifically developed for research purposes.


Visual System

☑ The standard SimWold Visual Database Products come in the following type of areas which can be linked together: City, Highway/Country, Suburban, Village and Mountain. A set of vehicles is also available.


Driving Performance

☑ The advanced Bus Dynamic Model provides a realistic response to different road surfaces like snow, rain, etc. Low latency, tightly synchronized coordination of manoeuvring and related changes in visual system.


Sound system

☑ The sound is provided by a four-channel high fidelity sound system with loudspeakers inside the cabin. The system provides sound from the drivers vehicle as well as from other vehicles.

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