Crane Simulator

i-Tech Crane Simulation from ADH enables our clients to practice dangerous, costly, and challenging crane operations in a safe and cost effective training environment.

We manufacture, ship, and install Masterlift crane and material handling equipment simulators. Our customers are companies, governments, and training schools around the world.

☑ Ability to perform comprehensive training when live equipment is unavailable, reduced cost of taking live, expensive equipment reduced accident costs of novice operators expensive equipment.

☑ Increased confidence and productivity of new operators during their first 60 to 90 days of operation reduced overall training time assess basic skills and hand-eye coordination and screen out poor operators before they begin the training program,situation until after 2,000 repetitions.

RTG Crane Simulator

RTG Crane Simulator designed for imparting training for a variety of different enviroment in a cost effective manner.

Pro Crane Simulator

Pro Crane Simulator is open cabin, single screen with real car parts (steering wheel, gear shifter, clutch, accelerator and brake pedals, handbrake, seat belt, horn etc).

Advanced Crane Simulator

Advanced Crane Simulator specially designed for driving schools for efficiently training drivers from Novice level to Expert level in a risk free environment.


The trainee can be exposed to a broad range of virtual crane operations:

☑ Start-up & Shut-down procedures, Safety & limit switches
☑ Pre & Post-operation checks & lamp test, Gantry (long), trolley (cross) travel, hoist-lower operations
☑ Boom operations in QC, cabin rotation movement in RMG
☑ Swing control of spreader, Flipper operation: individual, in group, Twist-lock operations
☑ Spreader extension & retraction, Over, under deck operations, with, without cell guides
☑ Misaligned prime movers, Twin, tandem lift operations,Realistic rope dynamics

Operator Station

☑ The replica operator station simulates a real crane cabin with controls accessible on either side of the operator's chair, out of cabin view and a microphone for communication.


Instructor Station

☑ Multi Channel Instructor Station with control and monitoring features
☑ Multi channel visual repeaters
☑ Instructor interface for editing runtime view
☑ Stealth view for de-briefing
☑ CCTV camera view of the operator cabin.


Visual System

☑ The multi-channel visual system for the operator cabin view provides the trainee with a realistic out of cabin view. The visual system is completely integrated with the simulation exercise, motion, sound system and crane controls and thus provides the necessary depth in the visual perspective.


Motion System

☑ The operator cabin can be installed on a motion platform and is designed for ease of access and maintainability.


Instructor Mode

☑ The instructor can operate the simulator in:
☑ Edit Mode: create save different configurations.
☑ Run Mode: real-time events, faults, emergencies and failures can be injected in run time.


Control Parameters

☑ Weather conditions: rain, snow, fog, storms.
☑ Time of day varying sun shadow conditions, night operation.
☑ Productivity Metrics: Number of Moves, Number of Containers handled, Average number of Containers handled per hour.

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