i-Tech Airport Multi Equipment Simulator


i-Tech Drive Aircraft multi equipment simulator can provide more cost-effective, solid skills training for your ramp team. New operators can gain the basic and advanced skills they'll need to be reliable, productive and safe on the job. Experienced operators can demonstrate and hone their abilities in periodic quality assurance testing.

The interactive simulator emulates the function and feel of an aircraft pushback truck; excellent for skill training, skill assessment, and skill retention. The trainer is effective, affordable, flexible, and offers a variety of year-round training opportunities.

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Push Back Driving Simulator - ADH Labs Pushback Simulator

Pushback Simulator is an airport procedure during which an aircraft is pushed backwards away from an airport gate by external power.

Stair Truck Driving Simulator - ADH Labs Stair Truck Simulator

Stair Truck Simulator referred to as 'air-stairs', 'boarding ramps' or 'aircraft steps', provide a mobile means to traverse between aircraft doors and the ground.

Baggage Loader Driving Simulator - ADH Labs Baggage Loader Simulator

Baggage Loaders are vehicles with movable belts for unloading and loading of baggage and cargo of aircraft.

Fuel Truck Driving Simulator - ADH Labs Fuel Truck Simulator

Fuel Truck Simulator is a specialized type of petroleum-based fuel used to power aircraft..

List of Airport Ground Equipment

  • Pushback Tractors , Towbars.
  • Baggage Carts, Baggage Tractors, Beltloaders , Cargo Dollies, Cargo Loaders Catering Truck.
  • Chocks, De-icers, Fuel Trucks, Fork Lifts, Passenger stairs, Water Carts, Wheel Chair lifts.
  • Air Conditioners , Aircraft Jacks, Airstart units.
  • Ground Power Units, Hydraulic Mules, Lavatory Trucks, Maintenance Stand .




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Training Scenarios

  • Various weather conditions like rain, snow fog, hail storm, any time-of-day like dawn, day, night.
  • Low Visibility Operations, Light, medium and heavy Traffic, Foreign object damage, Bird Scaring.
  • Runway Crossings, Uncontrolled Crossings, Controlled Crossings and ILS Sensitive Areas.
  • Radio-check and radio failure procedures, Tug Driving - Aircraft Push-back and Towing.
  • Routes and Procedures for Emergency Incidents (e.g. Aircraft Fires or Runway Excursions).




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 Proper Routes

Car Driving Simulator - ADH Labs
  • Simulator users, both novice and experienced, have a new way to test and sharpen their skills with the help of proper routes and tutorials.

 Dynamic Living World

Car Driving Simulator - ADH Labs
  • ADH provides rich graphics and active environments which includes airport vehicles and traffic on runway.


 Driver Cabin

Car Driving Simulator - ADH Labs
  • Driver Cabin comprises accurate imitation of the interior of the actual airport equipment with actual operator's seat, instruments and controls positioned at correct position.